No 2012 Topps Legends Variations?

From all the early breaks and the first wave of cards it appears that there is no Legends Variations.While it kind of saddens me,my wallet is very happy.I am kind of surprised that they didn’t continue them.Especially with the signing of Mays and Griffey.

The removal of the Legends means the removal of value.The beauty of these cards were the value they added to the product without any additional costs to Topps.They didn’t have secure memorabilia or autographs for them.

I for one hope they scrape them for the entire year now.It would be a horrible idea if they brought them back for Series 2.In my eyes either you do them all year or don’t do them at all.

One response to “No 2012 Topps Legends Variations?

  1. Yes, I’m shocked as well. Thought for sure there would be a Mays Legend Variation card. I’m not so certain that this will not happen though. We’ll see.

    And I agree. I’m a bit happy not have to lay out all that cash. The Legend cards though were the best in 2009, 2010, and 2011 !!

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