Even more Tier One pictures!

Tier One is looking like it will live up to it’s name.Check out the latest cards to arrive at Topps.

2012 Topps Heritage Preview

Topps released the preview for their 2012 Topps Heritage product.It looks to be another solid release for one of ther flagship brands.What do you guys think?

New 2012 Tier One pictures

Here are some new Tier One pictures Topps released via Twitter today.

2012 Topps Marquee preview pictures.

Topps released teaser photos for the 2012 version of Topps Marquee.There isn’t much to go off of yet but the dual autograph of Mays and Aaron should be a huge hit.

I like the clean design of the base cards but the base cards in the 2011 set were incredible.The full bleed design really worked well last year.I will reserve the rest of thoughts on the set for when the next batch of photos is released.

What do you guys think of the preview?

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Glossy Factory Set

Topps has announced the release of the 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter set in a Glossy format.The factory set will include all 350 cards in the regular set plus an additional 10 cards that are exclusive to this factory set.

The Glossy factory set will only be available directly from Topps and has a print run of 999 sets.The asking price will be a cool $99.95.

My personal take on the release is that I don’t think it will be a popular release.I do believe that will make it a good long term purchase.I also think the break value for this set will be there because not many people will crack their factory sets.

What is your take on the Glossy Factory?Drop me a comment.