The 53rd Annual Topps All Star Rookie Team is announced.

Topps announced the 53rd Annual All Star Rookie Team today.The All Star Rookie Team has been a popular subset in Topps sets since 1960.To date 17 Hall Of Famers have been selected to the All Star Rookie Team with Cal Ripken selected twice.

Here is this years team.

1B Mark Trumbo, Angels (149 games, 29 HR, 87 RBI, .254)
2B Danny Espinosa, Nationals (158, 21, 66, .236)
SS Dee Gordon, Dodgers (56, 0, 11, .304)
3B Brett Lawrie, Blue Jays (43, 9, 25, .293)
OF Desmond Jennings, Rays (63, 10, 25, .259)
OF Josh Reddick, Red Sox (87, 7, 28, .280)
OF Ben Revere, Twins (117, 0, 30, .267)
C J.P. Arencibia, Blue Jays (129, 23, 78, .219)

Starting Pitcher Jeremy Hellickson, Rays (189 IP, 13-10, 2.95, 117 K, 72 BB)

Relief Craig Kimbrel, Braves (77 IP, 46 Saves, 2.10, 127 K, 32 BB)

Ken Griffey Jr. follow up with pics

Here are some teaser pictures released by Topps.It looks like  Topps is eager to add JR. to their product line up.

2012 Bowman Preview

Here is some preview pictures from 2012 Bowman.

I have grown increasingly disinterested in the Bowman/Bowman Chrome brand lately.I do however  love the look of the Bowman Black.The base look like they do every year so nothing special there.

2012 Topp Series 1 Gold Rush coming.

Topps posted these pictures on their Twitter feed with the caption “find these beauties in Topps Series 1”.I don’t know if they will be inbedded in cards or loose.

They are cheesey but it reminds me of the quirky inserts from the 1960’s.I like them for that reason alone.For the love of god bring back the old Topps coins for Series 2.

More Bowman Sterling preview pictures!

Now these look a hell of a lot better than the first batch I posted.I still say this product should have on card signatures though.The non relic autographs have a nice clean design here.Think about how nice they would look without the sitcker.

Nolan Ryan signs for Topps.

Here are some cards Nolan Ryan recently signed for Topps.Those with outstanding redemptions should be happy.These cards look great.

2011 Bowman Sterling Football preview

Here are some preview pictures from 2011 Bowman Sterling Foortball.I am not overly impressed by the design.With the price point of the product you would think they would use on card autographs for the product.

2012 Topps Series 1 hitting the presses!

Topps released some images of 2012 Series 1.Here are some uncut sheet images.The 1987 throwbacks make me cringe.If there is one year they shouldn’t use for a throwback it is 1987.

2012 Topps Museum Collection Preview

I have some preview pictures of 2012 Topps Museum Collection.It looks as though Topps has made this a stand alone set this year.I am really digging the looks of this set.I am eager to see the sell sheet.