2012 Topps Museum Collection preview pictures!

Here are some 2012 Topps Museum Collection cards that were recently returned to Topps.Pretty nice stuff so far.Let’s hope it isn’t watered down with scrub autographs like 2011 Marquee was.

2012 Tier One preview pictures!

Here are some images from the upcoming 2012 Topps Tier One release.The cards look good so far.Hopefully the autograph checklist will not be as watered down as last year.Topps also stated that all single and dual signed cards will be signed directly on card even though some of these mock ups clearly show sticker autographs.We shall see I guess.

2012 Topps Gold Rush uncut sheet pictures.

Here is a few pictures of an uncut sheet of 2012 Topps Gold Rush cards.The are the wrapper redemption exclusive insert cards I had mentioned in an earlier post.