2012 Bowman Signature = no pro uniforms for rookies?

Topps released these pictures today for 2012 Bowman Signature Football.These cards picture the rookies in air brushed uniforms which leads me to believe that the base cards will be the same way.Very disappointing in my opinion.

2012 Bowman Signature Football preview!

Topps will be bringing Bowman back as a stand alone brand in 2012.This time under the name Bowman Signature.This will be a one autograph per pack product.Each pack has 4 base cards(@vets and 2 rookies) plus an autograph.There will also be the usual assortment of parallels.Topps is also going to be releasing the first cards of Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow in their new uniforms.Those cards will be short prints.

2012 Topps Football preview!

Here are some early preview images for 2012 Topps Football.As of right now all I can say is thank god they changed the design of the base cards instead of using the baseball design.The base cards look much better than 2012 Topps Baseball.