2011 Topps Updates Variation List

Here is the checklist for the Legends Variations in the 2011 Topps Updates Series.
#4 Carlton Fisk(Red Sox)
#10 Hank Aaron(Milwaukee Braves)(Same photo as his 1961 Topps card)
#18 Joe DiMaggio(Yankees)
#21 Willie McCovey(Giants)
#31 Paul O’Neil(Yankees)
#38 Roger Maris(Yankees)
#42 Frank Thomas(Athletics)
#50 Nolan Ryan(Mets)
#58 Bert Blyleven(Indians)
#59 Rickey Henderson(Athletics)
#85 Tom Seaver(White Sox)
#138 Paul Molitor(Blue Jays)
#140 Sandy Koufax(Dodgers)
#154 Babe Ruth(Red Sox)(reused the same photo from 2009 Updates)
#195 Larry Walker(Expos)(not quite the what I had in mind for a Legend)
#207 Frank Robinson(Reds)
#229 Roberto Alomar(Indians)
#230 Al Kaline(Tigers)
#238 Darryl Strawberry(Mets)
#249 Ozzie Smith(Padres)
#258 Monte Irvin(Giants)
#260 Ty Cobb(Athletics)
#278 Tris Speaker(Indians)(Appears to be the same photo used in 2010 Topps and 2010 Updates just airbrushed with different colors)
#291 Andre Dawson(Cubs)
#309 Jimmie Foxx(Athletics)

Six of the 25 players used are new subjects to the Legends Series.New players are a welcome addition.Some of the names are head scratchers though.I am not sure why guys like Strawberry,Walker,and O’Neil were included.Are they fan favorites?Sure.Legends?Far from it.

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